Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party running for the senate.

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The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party (AMEP) is running in the Senate in the upcoming Federal Election.  We are running in all five mainland States.

It is time for Motoring Enthusiasts to have a voice. It is time to come together to send a strong message to Government of all levels that the Motoring Enthusiast Community must be considered and respected.

For too long we have been maligned by the media, authorities and general public through sensationalism and ignorance.  Legislation is brought in without any consultation with our community, and our rights and civil liberties are being eroded at an ever increasing rate.

The Motoring Enthusiast Community can not stand by and watch this happen and we are taking action.  There has been a movement happening over the past several months rallying enthusiasts from all genres to unite and have a voice; a successful campaign which has seen inroads being made into Government and Bureaucracy.

The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party is standing for a better deal for Motoring Enthusiasts; and are running on the Road Safety Platform; we believe in Driver Education, Better Roads and Nationalisation of Road Rules; we believe in personal responsibility, we believe in freedom, and we believe in the right to live our lifestyle with minimal Government interference.


We will continue to spread our message of unity, and would like to see all like-minded parties working together for a better future for the freedom, rights and lifestyles of Motoring Enthusiasts and all Australians.


For are asking Motoring Enthusiasts to stand up for what they believe in. Help us spread the word, share this around with your friends and the people you know.


Keith Littler


Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party

Phone:  07 3297 5853

Mobile:  0409 180544

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